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Connect, Collaborate, and Innovate

Unlock a world of talent by joining our contacts sharing network. Gain access to a global community of skilled individuals and collaborate with innovators on your next project. Start your talent acquisition journey today!

What you can achieve with Listva

benefits one Connect with like-minded innovators
benefits twoe Collaborate on business ideas
benefits three Store links and contacts
benefits one Make onboarding faster and easier
benefits twoe Never lose your colleagues' contacts
benefits three Collect useful links in one place

Finding collaborators
has never been so easy 🚀

Welcome to our contacts sharing network where innovators collaborate and bring their ideas to life. Find people who share your vision and have skills that complement yours to achieve amazing results. Join our community today and gain access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities to take your projects to the next level.

How it works

Create workspaces and team up with other innovators

The more people are in your workspace, the easier it will be to find an expert with the required set of skills

Use filters and find performers in 3 clicks

Speed up the search for expertise up to 2400 times and use the time for really important things

Cooperate and implement large-scale projects

Unlock the full potential of your knowledge and talents by collaborating with new colleagues to achieve excellent results

Let's do it!

Coming soon

A full-featured platform for contacts sharing with the following functionality:
— Search for specialists with the specified expertise
— Booking of working hours
— Reviews and ratings
— Showcase of public projects
— Project pages with update history and public posts
— Group and personal chats

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5+ years in innovations
5+ years in media



14+ years net developer
10+ years full-stack web dev


Head of design

10+ years ui/ux designer
4+ years internet tv production



6+ years legal experience
3+ years project manager


Full-stack dev

5+ years
.NET professional experience

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